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Punch cards and School Store:

Each student has a punch card that is kept on their desk.  I periodically give punches for working quietly, following directions, etc. Students will earn a penny for each punch received which can be spent at our class store.  Students can buy prizes, pencils, assorted school supplies, or certificates to eat lunch with me in the classroom, sit with a friend for part of the day, or choose a special drink for snack time.

Class Rewards:

Our class has a penny jar for compliments.  When other teachers give us a compliment for having a quiet line in the hall or a Specials teacher gives the class a compliment for doing a great job, then I will drop a penny into our jar.  We use pennies so that we can practice counting money and visually see the "compliments" in the jar.  After a goal is reached(i.e. 30 cents) our class can earn a reward such as a pajama day, extra recess, movie with popcorn, etc.


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