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Here are some positive, helpful hints to make it a great school year!


*Support your child's academic success by helping with homework. You will want to check your first graders' folder each day after school, and ask if there are any assignments that need to be completed. In first grade, your child will learn to complete homework such as reading their Baggie book each night and completing Math and/or Spelling homework.  There will also be a few family projects to complete throughout the year that I will e-mail you about.

* Help your child be an independent, responsible student.  Children take pride in taking care of their own belongings and doing things for themselves. Due to our new security procedures, when bringing children to school, parents must drop them off at the office and cannot be in the hallway without a Visitor name badge.

*Make sure your child gets enough sleep(9-10 hours per night). A bedtime routine is important for young children.  Children enjoy a bath and a story right before bed to settle down and relax their bodies before sleep. Try laying out their school clothes and packing their backpack and snacks the night before so that you won't have to rush in the morning:)

*Proper sleep and nutrition help fuel your child's brain to prepare them for learning. Our school has a breakfast program if you're interested!

*Read to your child daily.  A homework baggie book will be provided each night for reading practice.

*Talk to your child about school every day.  Ask specific questions like "What did you learn in Math today?" or "What did you write about in your journal" instead of just "How was your day?"

*Participate in the classroom and/or school. You could..... be a classroom parent helper, volunteer to read to kids, come help at a holiday party, have lunch with your child, work in our Library, be a Guest Speaker, or chaperone a field trip.

*Praise your child for doing their best and give them encouragement in areas of weakness. This helps children feel good about themselves and realize that it's okay to make mistakes.

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