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Homework Baggie Books

     This year, each student will have a large plastic Ziploc baggie that will travel home each night with their homework book in it.  This baggie is important for you to keep so that it can protect books from damage as they go back and forth to school.  

     Our baggie books are the STUDENT'S CHOICE.  This means that some nights your child will bring home a book that they can read to you independently, and other times you will need to help them or read the book to your child. Emphasis is on reading for pleasure, not the level or difficulty of the books. Several times a week, students will be asked to tell either me or a parent helper about their story to practice the skills of retelling and story comprehension.

When your child reads their book to you, please practice some of the following reading strategies:

* Sound out the words.

* Look at the pictures for clues.

* Skip an unknown word and come back to it.

* Ask: Did that make sense?

* Talk about the characters, setting, problem, and solution.

* Ask questions to check for comprehension: What happened when....? Why do you think.....?

Thank you for helping your child practice their reading!  Homework baggie books not only teach kids about the importance of reading, but also the lifeskill of responsibility as they care for their books and remember to trade for a new book each morning at school.

Happy Reading!

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