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Technology of the Future!

The third graders completed a short unit on technology past and present. We discussed all of the cool pieces of technology that we use today, and asked our parents about all of the cool technological toys they had when they were in third grade. We played a game of "How Old Is It?", and learned when many famous pieces of technology were invented. Then we decided to peak into our crystal balls and see what the future has in store for us. Using Tux Paint and Voicethread, we created our own inventions, and recorded our brief descriptions of all the amazing technology sure to be invented in the future! Enjoy!

Mr. King's Class

Mrs. Omo's Class

Mrs. Lauritsen's Class

Mrs. Hamilton's Class

Mrs. Hare's Class

Mrs. Tower's Class

Ms. Scheffer's Class

Mr. Coder's Class

Mrs. O'Donnell's Class

Mr. Valade's Class

Mrs. Siwula's Class

Ms. Campbell's Class

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