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Google Earth Scavenger Hunt '09

(Exploring the World, One Placemark at a Time)

Our world is covered with amazing places, both man-made and natural. There are skyscrapers that touch the clouds, pyramids built by hand, and entire islands made from volcanoes. Here are your tasks for the Google Earth Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Find each of the places below in Google Earth (TIP: Highlight, copy/paste the place name from the list below into the 'Search' box in Google Earth)

  2. On your scavenger Hunt worksheet, write down the following for each place mark:

    • The continent you found the place

    • The country you found the place

    • If it's in the U.S., what state is it in?

    • Is it natural or man made?

If you find a place that you think is really interesting and want to learn more about it, you can try searching for it at the Fact Monster Kid's Almanac or The World Almanac for Kids or even Wikipedia.


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