Mattawan Consolidated School’s Administrative Team

John Berlin
John BerlinPrincipal
Later Elementary: x1580
Peter Campbell
Peter CampbellDean of Teaching and Learning
Early Elementary: x1681
Christina Hinds
Christina HindsAssistant Superintendent of Student Services
Central Office: 269-668-3361
Tony Nuismer
Tony NuismerDirector of Information Technology
Central Office: x3050
Tom Quigley
Tom QuigleyDirector of Transportation
Extension: x1740
Pam Stermer
Pam StermerDirector of Finance
Central Office: x1723
Carrie Wendell
Carrie WendellDean of Teaching and Learning
Later Elementary: x1581
Cathy Brewster
Cathy BrewsterDean of Teaching and Learning
Middle School: x1481
Tim Eastman
Tim EastmanPrincipal
High School: x1280
Gregory Mickelson
Gregory MickelsonDean of Teaching and Learning
High School: x1282
Kimberly Porco
Kimberly PorcoSpecial Education Supervisor
Central Office: 269-668-3361
David Rose
David RoseDirector of Dining Services
Central Office: x1865
Craig Thornton
Craig ThorntonDean of Student Services
High School: x1281 Middle School 1483
Chad Yager
Chad YagerAthletic Director
High School: x1278
Dr. Robin Buchler
Dr. Robin BuchlerSuperintendent
Central Office: x1700
Nate Engels
Nate EngelsDean of Teaching and Learning
Middle School: x1482
Rebecca Moore
Rebecca MoorePrincipal
Early Elementary: x1680
Lourdes Puzevic
Lourdes PuzevicDirector of Human Resources
Central Office: x1728
Chip Schuman
Chip SchumanPrincipal
Middle School: x1480
Jonathan Waldron
Jonathan WaldronDean of Teaching and Learning
High School: x1283
Russell Young
Russell YoungDirector of Buildings and Grounds
Buildings and Grounds: x1750