Photo of the Blue Strobe Light

Blue Strobe Lights

School safety for our students, staff, and community has been brought to the forefront in light of recent tragedies throughout our great nation. Mattawan Consolidated School has implemented many enhancements to school safety thanks to our communities’ support.

A unique issue we’re faced with when we go into a lockdown is notifying students, staff, parents, and others who may arrive on campus after the lockdown is in process. During a lockdown, we’re often faced with people coming onto campus and walking up to the buildings. Walking up to the building places these visitors and students at great risk as they have no idea what is going on and in a serious event, there may be no one available to assist in the school office. Visitors are left standing at our doors when there very well could be a threat in their immediate vicinity.

To provide visitors a visual notification the school is in a lockdown, we’re installing blue strobe lights on the main exterior of our buildings for the LES, MS, and HS over Spring Break. They will be in place at the new EES when it opens in the Fall of 2018. These lights will continually flash while we are in an active lockdown. When the strobe lights are observed, visitors should seek immediate safety and/or exit the vicinity of the school campus and wait for further direction and/or information.

This will be the first of many communications concerning the lockdown blue strobe lights. The need to repeatedly inform students, staff and community is necessary to get the message out and retained.