Bus Safety

Stop for the Bus…It’s the Law!

The Michigan Department of Education sets regulations and suggests guidelines for pupil transportation. The following regulation relating to children ten years of age or younger may be worth reviewing.

“Passengers ten years of age or younger, unless accompanied by a cross guard or older responsible student, should remain on the side of the road where they live. They should then cross only after all traffic has stopped for the stopped school bus which has activated its alternately flashing red stop lights, and the driver has given the proper signal.”

We ask that parents talk with their youngsters about this regulation of the State Department of Education. Please note students over ten years of age are expected to be on the side of the road where the bus stops.

In the interest of safety, students who bring books, lunches, and tote bags are asked to either keep them under the seat or on their lap.

Parents are encouraged to make a note of their child’s bus number and driver’s name. This information is very helpful in the event you need to call school regarding your child’s transportation needs during the school year.

It’s Our Policy…

“Students eligible to be transported may not ride a bus other than the one on which they are regularly scheduled.  They may not ride a different bus to visit a friend, attend after-school activities, etc.

Please be aware of this policy as you make arrangements for before or after school activities for your children.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Policy Procedure 8600