• Use of School Facilities


     Our Board Policy

    The Mattawan Board of Education recognizes that school facilities belong to the school community.  Therefore, it is the policy of the Board to encourage the use of the facilities by established local groups and organizations whose purpose and objectives contribute to the school program or the community.

    The Board recognizes that the primary purpose of the school's facilities is to implement the instructional program of the District.  The Board also recognizes that there are costs involved in non-school use of facilities and that charges should be made so that tax monies are not used in support of non-school activities. Individuals, including District employees or organizations, will not be permitted to rent school facilities for profit-making activities unless scheduled through the Facilities Coordinator.

    The Board of Education and Administration have developed a new fee schedule and regulations governing the use and rental of school facilities to protect the regular instructional program, those who use the facilities and the taxpayers who have provided the facilities.  The regulations define those groups permitted to use school facilities, as well as the specific limitations and prohibited activities in school facilities.  No person or organization shall be granted permission to use school facilities who has not agreed, in writing, to be bound by the regulations of the District.


    How do I check for availability?

    The Facility Scheduling System allows individuals to check for availability of facilities. 


    What are my rates?

    There are three Group categories to determine the fee schedule as follows:
    Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
    No Charge Group Reduced Rate Group Full Charge Group
    Mattawan Consolidated School MCS Tutors/MCS Coaches (for profit) Outside Organizations
    Board of Education Government Agencies Churches
    MCS Curricular Groups Scout Groups Dance/Music Recitals
    MCS Athletic Groups   Recreation Groups
    *MCS Parent Associations   Private Associations
    *MCS Booster Groups    
    *Will be charged the Group 2 Reduced Rate for rentals Friday after 5:00 PM or Saturday.

    All rates are per hour:  Follow this link to see the room rates based on Group assignment.


    How do I reserve a school facility?

    All groups/individuals seeking to schedule use of a facility may do so in any of the following manners:
    • Use the Facility Scheduling System to confirm availability.  (Online scheduling is not available at this time)
    • Print, complete and submit a Facility Use FormPlease submit your request 2 - 4 weeks in advance.
    • Return the form to Stacy Blaylock, High School Facility Use Clerk
    • Once your form is received, your request will be processed in a timely manner and added to the Facility Scheduling System Calendar



    Please contact Stacy Blaylock:  (269) 668-3361 x1289