• District Rebranding


    The votes are in and slowly, as new uniforms and Mattawan gear are ordered, you will see our new logo and tagline proudly represented.  The refining of the Mattawan brand is taking off!  Thank you to all who voted on the colors, the logo, and the tagline.

    The results of your voices are:

    Colors – Mattawan Blue (Navy-PMS 275C)              Mattawan Yellow (Gold-PMS 116C)

                             Mattawan Rebranded Blue                                           Mattawan Rebranded Yellow

    Mattawan M – We took one of the winning District Ms and worked with a branding firm, Tekna, Inc. to refine it a bit so that it is an M like no other.  It shows strength, rigor, balance, and grit.

    When you see the M with the Wildcat claw
    (designed by alumni, Ryan Plachta),                                                  The M without the claw
    that specific M represents Mattawan Athletics:                                   represents the District M:

    Mattawan Rebranded Athletic's M With Wildcat Claw                                                                Rebranded Mattawan District M - No Claw

     Official Font – The official Mattawan font is Proxima Nova:

          Rebranded Official Mattawan Font - Proxima Nova

    Tagline – It was a close call but after sending out a survey of over eight options for a new tagline, and then resending the survey with two, the winner of the new Mattawan tagline at 63% was Empowering the Future…With Mattawan Pride.  “Achieving Excellence Together…With Mattawan Pride” came in second at 37%.

     District Wildcat – The District Wildcat was designed by beloved art teacher, Cary VanderVeen. We are still refining the mascots in our buildings from K-8th grades to grow into our District Wildcat.  Stay tuned.

     Letterhead and Business Cards - You will begin to see new letterhead that also was designed to show strength, rigor, and balance.  It will have the new logo and tagline on it.  New business cards that reflect our new logo and tagline are also being distributed.


          Rebranded Mattawan Letterhead

     Branding Video – Image Stream Creative Communications located in Portage, MI worked with us to create a branding video.  We are so proud of our brand and of being a Mattawan Wildcat!  You can watch the video here:

    Mattawan Uniforms and Mattawan Gear - Slowly, as new uniforms and Mattawan gear are ordered, you will see our new logo and tagline proudly represented.