Book Exchange and Information Literacy Lessons

Information Literacy lessons always begin with “Driving Questions.”  In-other-words our new learning is focused and applied with a question or several questions that lead us to knowledge and understanding of facts, concepts and ideas.  Along with short teaching and practicing sessions, students then apply new learning as they gather books, check them out, and read their materials in the library setting.  As you can see from our learning content, procedures, read aloud time and reading to oneself,  making reading decisions independently and learning to ask for assistance when needed is all a part of learning to be an “Information Literate” person.  At the Media Center, we are always focused on the goal of information literacy, yet keep developmentally differentiated learning in the forefront of our teaching and learning practices for our young and growing students.  Please call Laura Ballard x1660 or x1661, if you have any questions about the learning process in the library.

Have a great year!