2019 Grad Bash

Dear Senior Parents,

Grad Bash is just days away and our committee has worked extremely hard to give our 2019 graduates an evening to remember. Below is all the information you need to know, so please read carefully.

First, please register your student by Thursday, May 17, at the link below. While we will register students onsite the night of graduation, we need to give our caterer a final count this week.


Immediately following graduation, students will head outside for the traditional cap toss, family gathering, photos, etc.  Afterward, students will change into comfortable clothing. All personal items, including graduation clothing, phones, purses, etc. will be sent home with parents.

Students should head upstairs to check-in and then go into the auditorium for final instructions. They will then board Mattawan buses for their secret destination. Students will return by bus to Mattawan High School around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

It is tradition to keep the Grad Bash destination confidential until students arrive at the event. Emergency contact information for Grad Bash Chairpersons will be emailed to you on Monday, May 20. If you have additional questions, please email mhsgradbash2019@gmail.com and a committee member will get back to you.

Important Information for You and Your Graduate

  • Check-in for Grad Bash is after the cap toss and family pictures (approximately 9:15 p.m.) at the second level at Miller Auditorium
  • Students should bring a change of clothes to graduation (socks, shoes and comfortable school appropriate clothing)
  • During Grad Bash, personal hygiene items will be available in the bathrooms if needed
  • Medications will be kept by a parent chaperone
  • Your student will be issued a name tag that they will be required to wear all evening
  • If your student signed up for Grad Bash and doesn’t check-in, we will be calling to let you know
  • We will have an officer on duty at check-in
  • There will be zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, and vapes
  • No Cell Phones – we will have Wildcat Photography on site to capture the event. Pictures will be made available through Google Photos and a link sent to parents after Grad Bash
  • We will have water available for students at Miller Auditorium following check-in. Once we arrive at our destination, food and drink will be available all evening
  • Students will be bused from Miller Auditorium to the event
  • The event will conclude at Mattawan High School at 4:30 a.m.