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Laptops:  For a quick resource about schools that offer programs or distribute laptops to students.  Plus, additional information on how to choose the right one based on each student’s respective needs. is focused on promoting financial literacy through free educational resources.  Most of their resources focus on financial aid, student loans, college budgeting, etc.  They even have a free scholarship search available for students.   The following tools and videos could be helpful to your students:

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Affording College in Michigan… To download a guidebook that includes the pre-planning and application information to help you understand how you can afford college in Michigan click SSG Affording College Guidebook. their Ultimate Guide to the FAFSA has 10 clear, user-friendly steps to successfully apply for a student loan.

Online colleges, scholarships and degree programs 

Online Degree Guidebook allows students to search universities and programs based on their degree preference.