Grad Bash

Welcome to Mattawan Grad Bash!

What is Grad Bash?

Grad Bash is a once-in-a-lifetime, rite-of-passage celebration for our high school seniors. Specifically, it is a parent chaperoned, all night post-graduation party immediately following our graduation ceremony. This is an event for ALL graduating seniors. The transportation, food, and entertainment are provided, keeping the event safe, sober, drug-free, and totally fun. Each year the site is undisclosed to the students to heighten the level of excitement and is chosen by the Mattawan Grad Bash Committee.

After the graduation ceremony, the graduates will load buses bound for their celebration night of safe, chaperoned fun. They remain at the site until the morning when they are picked up by parents.

There is an exceptionally large expense attached to this event! Because of this, we encourage all families, if they are able, to contribute $100 to cover the costs of the event. Payment can be made through PayPal on the official Grad Bash website (see below for link) along with your student’s registration for Grad Bash. Most of the funds will be spent on transportation, entertainment, and renting a facility. No student will be turned away, especially for an inability to contribute.

There are many opportunities to volunteer and assist with fundraising, and we encourage all families to visit the Grad Bash website:

This is an opportunity for the seniors to celebrate together one last time before embarking on their life journey and we hope to provide them with an amazing experience.