Textbook Information

Textbook Responsibility and Reporting

Please take a moment to look over ALL of your textbooks.  It is your responsibility to check all of your books and report ANY damage to the IMC staff. You will be held financially responsible for any unreported damage to your textbooks.  You will not be allowed to check out any new textbooks until you have returned your textbooks in the condition you received them or paid any repair or missing book fines.  We appreciate your help in making sure all students receive textbooks in good condition.

Fines and Fees related to textbooks

All Fines or fees may be paid on RevTrak or by cash or check (made out to Mattawan High School) at the HS Library.

Textbooks that are not returned or are damaged beyond the ability to be rebound will be assessed the full replacement price of the textbook.
$10.00  – Damaged books needing rebinding.
$10.00  – Foreign Language Workbooks*
$13.00  – Athletic Training Packet
$19.00  – Physics workbooks*
$85.00  – Anatomy and Physiology workbooks*

*Workbooks do not need to be purchased as long as they are not written in.  Workbooks will be checked out just as regular textbooks and can be purchased at any time during the school year.  Any workbooks that have been written in at the end of the school year will be assessed the replacement fee.