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Dear High School Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this unfamiliar situation with school closures. There are still many unanswered questions through which we continue to work.  Please continue to monitor your email, this page, and the District website for updates.

As we move forward it is our desire to provide our families with as many learning opportunities as possible to assist you in working with your children. Due to certain restrictions in State and Federal law, we must abide by the following when providing you resources:

  • Students are not required to complete any of the learning opportunities.
  • There will be no grades given for learning opportunities.
  • Participation in these learning opportunities will not impact an overall course grade. 

Soon, if not already, your student will have heard from their individual teachers regarding resources, links, and supplemental materials one can access during this time away.  This communication may be via email, Google Classroom, or through another communication mechanism the teacher has already created with your student. Regardless of the resources, reading is another critical component to all learning, so we encourage you to keep this as a part of your family routine during this period of closure.

Please note there are still some learning experiences for which many of our students are still responsible. School is closed and our teachers are limited in their actions, but this does not include dual enrolled or virtual coursework.

  • For students enrolled in KVCC or WMU classes, they must follow the recommendations of the College, even if this conflicts with their home high school scheduling. (Students need to continue to read their KVCC/WMU emails and communicate with their professors.)
  • Michigan Virtual (MiVHS) <courses will continue to be available to students. We believe many students will be able to work on their online courses during the closure period and complete their courses by the course end date. At the same time, we recognize some students may face a hardship in doing so. Please work with your MiVHS instructor regarding any accommodations needed.
  • Similarly, students enrolled in Mattawan Virtual Academy <or in Kickstand should still continue their work in these courses.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) students have some resources available to them via the AP Classroom, which some of our teachers have utilized this year. Check that out for additional assistance. Beginning in early April, free online video lessons developed by AP teachers will be available for the AP topics and skills typically taught in the final weeks of each AP course. For AP tests, the administration is recommending you to refer to the College Board website for updates and details.
  • All standardized testing for the 2019-2020 school year has been waived. The PSAT and SAT will be offered in the fall of 2020.

As one can imagine there are many different stories circulating about how school districts are responding to this situation. Like many of you, I have friends in many different districts, and everyone has a different initial response. I cannot begin to say who is right or wrong in their approach. I ask that we all step back and reserve judgement until things settle. In some fashion, the dust is starting to settle and I know that Dr. Buchler has received some guidance from Thrun Law (who advise many Michigan districts) and (I hope) the MDE. This information will be used to guide all of the discussions that are happening within our District, daily.

As mentioned earlier, this is unfamiliar territory and school is closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The district leadership team will continue to meet in order to create appropriate responses to those items that will arise.  I encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions related to one’s health and well-being. Along those lines, I also encourage students to exercise a normal daily routine that involves a decent bed time and wake up, time for school work, and time for exercise. “Social distancing”, has become the latest precaution to utilize. Though we are to be somewhat isolated, I encourage students to change from texting to actual phone conversations, Shocking, I know! If one has the capability, use FaceTime or Google Meet to provide some social contact.

In closing, I wish everyone well. More information will be provided over the coming days and weeks. Stay strong and stay healthy!

With Wildcat Pride! 

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