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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this unprecedented time in our world.  It is difficult to process and understand because it is something we have never been faced with before.  This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and country. Never has demonstrating the four principles: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility been more important.  

This is a continually developing situation and it is our hope to provide some basic information and resources for you to use with your Middle Schooler and family as you see fit.  Please know these are suggestions, and any resources provided are for your use in a way that fits your family. Most of all, we want to encourage good health, safety and a strong sense of community during this time.  

Social Distancing and Social Media

Our students clearly are going to want to socialize and spend time with friends.  Socializing is very important, but we want to make sure we are doing it in a way that honors the guidelines of social distancing. We know, as young adolescents, our children will place a lot of pressure on us to continue regular activities, but we need to teach them and guide them to understand the importance of working together to keep everyone healthy and safe.  This includes the recommendation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of not allowing them to spend time at their friends’ houses. The initial response from your teen may not be great, however, they will ultimately understand and respect your wishes.    

It is clear our students are very connected through technology on a daily basis.  The social connection is important, but please limit the time and encourage or expect different activities throughout the day.  It is also important to continue to monitor technology use and promote good digital citizenship. We want to make sure our students keep a healthy and appropriate balance in their day.

How to talk with children about the virus

A resource from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is provided below.  This information may assist in discussing this situation with your student. In addition to this information, we would encourage you to continue to listen and talk on a regular basis.  Your student will be inundated with information from friends, family, and the media. A healthy balanced conversation is very important, but please be diligent in offering other activities outside of this topic as well.

CDC Talking with Children

Possible Daily Schedule

Below we have included a sample schedule for your student.  Please feel free to modify this for your family’s needs. We highly recommend you add in an abundance of exercise, fresh air, and restrict the amount of time students are on devices other than for learning. 

Phone of Middle School Student Schedule

Learning Station

Following up on the District communication regarding educational services, we have added resources to the “Learning Station” posted on our District website.  The Learning Station has ideas and resources to continue optional student enrichment.  The resources provide practice for already learned concepts as well as some new resources to offer challenges and growth to their learning.  Mattawan Facebook also has hundreds of resources and learning opportunities, such as virtual field trips to famous museums and zoos, art projects, and additional academic resources.


Again, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding.  We are so fortunate to work and live in a wonderful community. We really want to impress the importance of setting a good example for our children to handle this situation in a manner we want to see them set for their own family in the future.  Our children are watching and learning from us all of the time. That does not mean that we are always perfect, but it means we are putting our best foot forward every day. The information we provided are ideas for consideration and know this will be changing frequently.  Please take good care of yourself and your family and keep smiling and enjoying your children! It will make a difference! 


Chip Schuman
Cathy Brewster
Nate Engels

Learning Station Resources

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