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Learning Station

A Note From Dr. Buchler:

03/19/2020 – MCS teachers and administration have been actively engaged in providing optional learning opportunities for our students. In the Learning Station, you will see four components per building:

  1. An introduction letter from the principal
  2. A sample schedule to establish routines and normalcy
  3. Guidelines for participation and grades
  4. Age-appropriate links and resources organized by building

Because we are trying to meet the needs of everyone, there is quite a bit of information. Please choose what works best for you and your family. It is all voluntary but very rich in content. For your convenience, the Learning Station may be accessed through your mobile phone.  Our goal is to provide continued learning opportunities and a sense of normalcy to our students.

MCS is providing supplemental opportunities to all students during this school closure. This includes students with Individualized Education Plans, Section 504 plans, and English Language Learners. All students will have equal access to the same resources and materials to the greatest extent possible. 

 If you have questions, contact a Special Education Supervisor:

Kim Porco:   Amy Wotring:
MS/HS Special Education Supervisor           EE/LE Special Education Supervisor

Thank you for continued flexibility during this unprecedented time.

The Learning Station provides resources for your child’s educational journey.

By providing continuous learning opportunities, it is our hope our students will maintain a sense of normalcy and prepare them to complete required coursework upon returning to school.  We will continue to work to ensure resources are accessible to all learners, so we are not in violation of State law and the Office of Civil Rights. 

  • Students are not required to complete any of the learning opportunities.
  • There will be no grades given for learning opportunities.
  • Participation in these learning opportunities will not impact an overall course grade.

Please choose your child’s building below for resources.