Personal Responsibility Plan

Mattawan Later Elementary School provides an environment in which children feel safe and secure. This atmosphere allows maximum academic and social growth. Students and staff follow the three R’s to help reach this goal.

The Three R’s are:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect others.
  • Respect property

The three R’s include expectations of following directions, keeping hands feet and objects to self, speaking kindly to one another, and walking in the hallways.

The Personality Responsibility Program used at Mattawan Later Elementary School has four levels. Students following the three R’s are operating at the highest level of personal responsibility.  When students forget to follow the three R’s, they are operating at one of the lower levels.

The Four Levels Are:


  • Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


  • Compliance due to an outside influence (i.e.: adult presence, positive or negative consequence).


  • Bossing, pestering, bugging.


  • Out of control, dangerous.

The first two levels of behavior are acceptable and allow learning to flourish.  The last two levels are unacceptable.  Students who slip and behave at the Bothering level have a conversation with an adult in which the child is given the opportunity to modify their level of behavior to an acceptable level.  If a child is unable to modify their behavior to an acceptable level, they are sent to the Reflection Center.  There, an adult works with the child on taking responsibility for the behavior choices made and discusses alternate appropriate behaviors.  When the student makes the decision to behave at one of the top two levels, they return to class.  Students behaving at the Anarchy level are directed immediately to the Reflection Center or Office. Parents/guardians are informed whenever a child behaves at the Anarchy level.  If a child visits the Reflection Center twice in one week, parents/guardians are notified also.

Our goal is for students to make responsible choices that result in a positive learning environment for all.  When students make choices which interfere with learning and/or the safety and comfort of others, our goal is for students to first accept responsibility for their choice and next to assist them in making a positive behavior change.