3rd Grade

Understanding the difference between actual and implied texture, brainstorming in art, creating original designs, enlarging,  use of tools.
Final project:  Texture Creature introduction to pottery and elements of design.

4th Grade

Drawing series with exercises in mental and physical preparation, thinking upside down, contour, shading techniques of cross-hatch and stipple, contrast, shape into form, ways to handle a still life drawing, corn and gourds to introduce color in drawing.

5th Grade

Introduction to pen and ink techniques, bringing the Native Prairie Garden indoors, quick sketches, pen drawings of plants from the NPG, challenging our learning to move to color, introduce chalk

Fit For Life

  • Heart Rate Course:  Learning about the heart and checking pulse.
  • Tumbling Skills:  Forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, tripod, learning proper ways to fall.
  • Fitnessgram:  PACER, push-ups, curl-ups, sit and reach(flexibility).
  • PATCH:  Equipment to promote strength and exercise.
  • Fitness Stations:  Jump rope, push-ups, PATCH, agility, and other activities to promote strength and exercise.

Media Center

  • Media Center Orientation:  Library procedures, location hunt, and using visual helpers.
  • Book Location Skills and Practice:  How to find “just right” books, call number introduction and use, alphabetical order of authors, Dewey Decimal System, and applying learned library strategies to move toward independent book location.
  • Destiny Basics:  Making Destiny work for you, Accelerated Reader searches, and understanding search results.


3rd Grade

  • Singing a variety of songs:  Long-legged Sailor, I Don’t Care if the Rain Comes Down, Golden Ring-Around Susan Girl, Joy to the World, All Night, All Day, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  • Playing boomwhackers, rhythm sticks, and tone chimes.
  • Introduction to the elements of music: form, rhythm, dynamics, and melody.

4th Grade

      • Singing songs from Broadway: You Can’t Stop the Beat, Seventy-Six Trombones, Any Dream Will Do, Castle On A Cloud, Seize the Day, It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got that Swing), and Footloose.
      • Singing with clear articulation, dynamics, in tune, and following cues from a conductor.

5th Grade

      • Singing Songs from the 70s: Let It Be, Sweet Home Alabama, We Are the Champions, and Old Time Rock and Roll.
      • Dancing and playing tone chimes, boomwhackers, and chromatic bells.
      • Bucket Drumming: Using alternating hands or the noted stickings; reading rhythms with quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes; playing different parts of the drum (center, rim, side) as noted.


    • Reset our network and Google Education logins.
    • Utilizing Google Classroom to access weekly technology lessons, important resources, and turn in assignments.
    • Engaging in problem-solving thinking through our online coding course.
    • Preparing for 3-D printers by learning to design using SketchUp.
    • Improving communication efficiency through TypingWeb.com
    • Consistently helping other students with our mouths, not our hands.
    • Practicing everyday technology troubleshooting.