Explore class investigates sensitive issues that are important to young adolescent students.  These topics include self-esteem, relationships, substance abuse and reproductive health.  Students take Explore class for one semester in seventh grade and one semester in eighth grade.

Seventh Grade Exploring Adolescence Curriculum

  • Build self-esteem as an individual person and a group member
  • Enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Learn to appreciate and value each other’s differences and capabilities
  • Explore the importance of healthy peer and family relationships
  • Understand and manage emotional changes and strategies dealing with stress
  • Define and recognize negative behaviors such as sexual harassment and bullying
  • Study reproductive health
  • Identify causes and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases/infections
  • Increase awareness of the consequences of drug use
  • Study career paths

Eighth Grade Exploring Adolescence Curriculum

  • Develop self-awareness of the individual and relating that to the importance of self-esteem
  • Identify effective communication and listening skills
  • Explore health concerns including nutrition, eating disorders, and sexual harassment
  • Study the importance of healthy relationships with peers and family (an example would be dating)
  • Practice decision-making skills: abstinence, drugs, and consequences of their decisions
  • Understand the impact that drugs have on the brain
  • Study fetal development
  • Examine teen pregnancy and its consequences, and study the responsibilities of the male and female
  • Identify types of sexually transmitted infections and their consequences
  • Create a personal portfolio (study career pathways)
  • Examine the influence of media on one’s life (TV, movies, video games, advertising, etc.)