For the safety of our students, families, and the community, we have configured traffic flow at Mattawan Later Elementary to keep all students, staff, parents, and pedestrians safe.  To preserve safety, efficiency, traffic flow, get all traffic on school grounds, and to protect community members’ property, we are instituting the following changes to our drop-off/pickup routes for the 2022/2023 school year.

    This applies to families with students in both buildings and Early Elementary only. This DOES NOT affect families with students only in the Later Elementary.

    Drop-Off Traffic Flow Map
    ALL traffic will enter on McGillen Avenue (Main corner by Wagoners) and meander through the High School/Middle School Campus.  At Western Ave. please take a left and enter our school property.  Once on school property, please abide by the following procedures:

    Drop-Off @ 8:25 a.m. (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR)  We will only be dropping off out of the front of the building this year. We will NOT have vehicles travel through the staff lot as there will be no staff and those doors will be locked.  Students dropped off  in the front will enter through the front of the building.

    • If your child is getting breakfast, they will enter through the community entrance and head straight there. If not, they will be supervised inside the building until allowed into their classroom.
    • Students are ONLY allowed out of the passenger side of the vehicle.
    • Students may be let out of vehicles starting at 8:25.

    LES students may be dropped off at the sibling connection corner YELLOW Star on the DROP-OFF TRAFFIC FLOW map.

  • PICK-UP INFODismissal Traffic Flow MapWe will follow the same traffic pattern/procedures as drop off. We only pick up in front of the building. Please have your car-tags out and easily visible to staff (a children’s pant hanger works great!) Pull all the way forward. This extra space allows us to get 2-3 more cars each time, which adds up over time.

    NEW THIS YEAR- you may park and walk up to the community entrance (see star on dismissal map) to pick up your child. Please know that while the road will be blocked off we will not have a traffic person. Please hold your child’s hand at all times in the parking lot.  This is an attempt to speed up the dismissal process.

    If you are parking and walking up, please have your car tags (picked up at open house/first day of school) with whomever is picking up. When you arrive, park and line up on the side walk at the community entrance [See map] with pink star. Staff will be there to communicate with staff in the building to have your child sent out.

    If you have students in both buildings, you have two options:

    1. park and walk up to pick them up at the LES and EES entrance.
    2. drive through the EES pick up line and then the LES pick up line. You may also do the LES then the EES line to; either order is fine.
    • We will NOT be allowing traffic into our campus via Front/Western--attempting this will not be a time saver. I understand the urge to want to “jump” the line, but I ask that we as adults continuously model for our students and children, the Mattawan Way.
    • The traffic you see entering from Western will be staff and approved vehicles by the school administration.
    • If you are lining up early, please do so by following our designated route. This will allow you to find your proper spot in line and prevent you from showing up on our EES campus to find the line is already back into the high school. You may not line up until after 3pm.