Grades 6-8


  • Mattawan Middle School

    "Strive to prepare each child to be a responsible, independent learner as well as a responsible citizen of the school."


    Everyone feels a sense of belonging to the school community “inside” and “outside” the school walls.  This is fostered by positive relationships and opportunities for school and community involvement.  All students have a meaningful personal connection to a significant adult in the school.


    Academic Rigor and Relevance
    Expectations for learning and academic achievement are high.  Expectations for students are generated through a challenging curriculum based on individual student needs and district/state outcomes.  It is expected that all students are intellectually challenged and provided relevant learning opportunities.


    Trust and Respect
    Everyone feels connected with each other through a sense of trust and mutual respect.  Trust and respect allow students to gain an appreciation for diversity and individuality.  These qualities enhance student achievement both academically and socially.

    Everyone feels physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe, which allows and encourages self-expression and learning.  Students experience a safe and orderly environment in the school.

  • Mattawan Middle School serves over 900 students in Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade.  Each grade is organized in interdisciplinary teams that are designed to collaborate and connect with students as they travel through the Middle School.  Each team of teachers works to meet the developmental needs of the students at their grade level.  It is a pleasure to educate middle-level students and to work toward meeting their individual needs both emotionally and academically.

    Our Philosophy
    The Mattawan Middle School philosophy is based on the principle that, as a Middle School, we are a separate entity, possessing unique characteristics and programs.  Thus, it is our primary purpose to create a learning environment designed to meet the unique needs of our students.

    Mattawan Middle School is an attitude as much as a place.  It is dedicated to providing a flexible and supportive educational climate for children in a transition period between elementary school and high school.  It is designed to facilitate and foster the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of children in grades 6, 7, and 8 during a period of particularly rapid change in their lives.

    The Middle School provides an environment of order, consistency, understanding, and high expectations.  Programs and activities shall be child-centered, exploratory, experiential, and structured for success.  The staff of the Middle School will strive to prepare each child to be a responsible, independent learner as well as a responsible citizen of the school.

    The Middle School staff recognizes that learning is a lifelong process.  To this end, it is our goal that a student’s development during their middle school years will provide them with the foundation for a fulfilling and productive life as effective participants in a democratic society.

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