• Connect with friends and enjoy your unique area of interest.

    Anime Club
    If you love Anime, come join in the fun! Viewing different Anime weekly with friends who appreciate it like you! 
    Wednesdays 3:00 – 5:00, Room 121

    Art Club
    (Lesley Ptacek)  First meeting (Informational/Kickoff) on November 4 and continuing the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month in the art room (142) after school.
    EMail: if interested.

    Auditorium Tech Crew
    (John Priest)  Do you like learning about behind-the-scenes in theatre? Tech Crew is just for you! Tech Crew students learn how to design light patterns onstage, balance microphone and music volumes on soundboards, run shows from backstage, and assemble sets in our workshop. Tech Crew students also have the opportunity to work on musicals and concerts.
    For more information, please contact Mr. Priest at

    Baking Club
    1st Wednesday of the month, Room 149
    Be nice.

    Will meet every Thursday during Seminar, Rm 225.

    If interested, you can either contact Erin Hess or co-presidents Astin Torrey or  

    Lucy McGuire

    Book Club
    The book club meets on the first Thursday of each month. Meetings will run from 2:45 until 3:15 in the IMC. If you are interested, contact either of the presidents at or
    Chess Club
    (Brad Birnbaum) – Do you have an interest in traveling to the land of kings, queens, knights and castles? Come on down to room 124 on Thursdays from 2:45pm until 4pm and join Mattawan’s Chess Club! Chess is easy to learn, but hard to master, so if you like challenging game play, this club is for you. New and experienced players are all welcome. See Mr. Birnbaum for more information.

    Computer Club
    If you are interested in technology, this is the club for you!  We will learn how to code, create websites, and learn about CyberSecurity; no experience is necessary. We meet every Friday after school until 4:15 PM in Mr. Degroff’s room (Room 147).  Contact Jacob Mazelin ( with any questions.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
    (Alan Blanchard)
    Meets in Room 227 on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month. This is a newly organized group of students who work to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our school!
    Dungeons and Dragons Club (Mr. Witzel room 204)
    Hello adventurers! Interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons? Join the MHS D&D club! All MHS students are welcome, no experience necessary. We will happily teach you how to play and find a group to play with. Meetings are every Thursday from 2:40-4:10. For more information email Mr. Witzel @
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club (Kyle Douglas)

    Thursday Mornings @ 7:00 AM, Room 212
    For more information:

    Kyle Douglass  269-365-2697

    Game Club
    Are you interested in playing card games, board games, and/or video games?  Then Game Club is the club for you! Tuesdays 2:30 – 4:00, Room 147.  Game Club is a club where you have the chance to meet new people while playing video games, computer games, board games, and card games!  For more information please contact Mrs. Hiester.
    Gender and Sexuality Acceptance (Anna Meinema)
    Meetings in Mrs. Meinema's room, 228 every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 2:45 - 3:30.  For more information please contact Mrs. Meinema.
    Green Team (Andy Beall/Angela Halloran)
    Do you want to advocate for local action in our climate crisis? Do you want to become active in environmental issues? Join the Green Team! 2nd and 4th Thursday or month, Room 123
    Are you interested in social justice issues?  Come check out the Mattawa J.E.D.I.S. and be part of recognizing, implementing, and creating plans to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion with our building.  For more information contact Mrs. Davis at

    LEO Club
    Leadership…Experience…Opportunity – (Nancy Garman) If you are looking for a great way to get involved in the Mattawan Community then the LEO Club would be perfect for you! LEO stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. It is an international organization that is sponsored by the Lions Club. The motto is We Serve!  2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month after school, Room 115
    Model UN (Jayce Pilar)
    Monthly, Room 212 @MattawanModelUN on Twitter
    For those interested in improving their research, writing, and debating skills, while improving your knowledge of current world issues, Model UN is for you!!  Model UN is an organization where you take a country’s stance regarding pertinent world issues and debate with other people representing other countries in order to try and draft a resolution to solve the issues presented. 

    First meeting is Sunday October 9th.

    National Honor Society (Kate Galla)
    The National Honor Society focuses on the pillars of scholarship, service, character, and leadership. It is an organization that strives to give back to the local community and build leadership skills in its members. Applications for the NHS are accepted in the Spring.

    Rocket Club (Katie Schneider/Andrea Moss)
    No experience required, just a curiosity and desire to learn about physics, chemistry, and engineering in a really cool way - model rockets! For more information, please contact Mrs. Moss at

    Science Olympiad (Heather Reeves and Steffin Messer)
    For information on this club, please stop in room 163 and speak with Mrs. Reeves or room 164 for Ms. Messer.
    Spanish Club (Andreina Lairet-Sorensen, Amanda Vargas, and Elisha Dryden)
    Spanish club is for Spanish students who want to practice their Spanish, explore the hispanic culture in the surrounding area and get more hands-on real-world experience with Spanish.
    We meet on the second Thursday of every month (starting in October). Room 130 or 134 from 2:45-4pm
    Strong is Beautiful Wellness Club
    Basic Fitness and Power Training Skills in a safe environment. Information to come.
    Student Government (Jenn Bussies and Greg Mickelson)
    Freshman – Teri Clark/Jennifer Roethlisberger
    Sophomore – Corey Price
    Junior  – Lesley Ptacek and Stephanie Engel
    Senior  – Jordan Moyle and Erinn Hess

    Students of America (Davis, Boswell, Blanchard, Wolfe)
    Are you interested in social justice issues? Come check out the Mattawan’s Students of America and be a part of recognizing, implementing, and creating plans to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within our school.  For more information email Mrs. Davis.

    Young Women’s Advocacy of Mattawan
    (MS Mazure) Meets twice a month after school on Thursdays in room 222. For more information visit the YWAM Instagram page (@ywam_info) or email.

    Wiredcats Robotics Team
    Learn how you can put into practice what you are learning in the classroom and more about what the WiredCats have to offer, including scholarships. No experience necessary.  Any questions, please email coach Chris.