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    Parents can use Accelerated Reader’s search tool to find out if there is a quiz available for a book and then what reading level and points have been assigned to the book.  However, this link will not identify which books are available in the Media Center.  (For all information about the books we do have, use the “Search our Book Collection” link.) If there is a quiz for a book our media center does not own, with parent consent, students can read the book and take the quiz.  In order for a book to be applied to any given RR Certificate, students must also check with their classroom teacher before beginning the book.

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    Requirements for Mattawan Later Elementary Reading Renaissance Certificates… all levels at a glance

    • For certificates, all books must be read independently in order to count toward the noted number of books within a given certificate.
    • All levels/certificates before Honors require a minimum of one non-fiction informational book.
    • This category does NOT include Poetry (811 call number), Folklore (398.2), or Biographies (921).
    • Read-alouds and classroom novels may count only toward total points, not as any of the independently read books.
    • All quizzes must be passed at 80% or higher.
    • Certificates are consecutive. Books read previously may not be substituted and rearranged to meet later certificate requirements.
    • To locate HONORS books, search for our book collection online.  The term “honors” is searchable and is added to the subjects category of every honors book.  Also, students who begin working on the Honors Certificate have been shown during school how to locate these books in the online book collection.

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