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  • Superintendent Buchler

        Superintendent's Monthly Message
          Dr. Robin Buchler, Superintendent


       There are just no words to describe such a horrifying tragedy      that yet another of our schools faced on Wednesday,
       February 14, 2018.  We  are left shaken and fearful, with
       broken hearts for the victims, their families, and for all the
       children and staff who are trying to figure out how to go on.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families in Florida and for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community.

    I wish I could assure all of you that this will never happen here at Mattawan.  I am able to assure you that we will learn from each tragedy.  We continue to practice and improve procedures to do our best to keep our students and staff safe.

    Mattawan is very fortunate to have a solid security system in each of our buildings.  All external, classroom, and hallway doors remain locked all day.  Any visitors entering the buildings come through the safety vestibules and directly into the office at the Later Elementary, Middle School, and High School buildings.  At the Early Elementary School, visitors are buzzed in at the front door after identifying themselves to the front office.  Each office has a list of visitors who are not allowed access due to legal issues or information from law enforcement of potential danger.  LobbyGuard kiosks are utilized to scan IDs of anyone who is requesting access into the learning areas.

    Mattawan is trained in the Strategos International Method.  You can visit their website at  Our training is provided by the Van Buren County Sheriff Department’s Office of Domestic Preparedness.  This method is similar to the ALICE Method and is based on the philosophy that “the body does not go where the mind has not been.”  Our safety and security plans are reviewed and revised with the help of local and county officials.  We practice active threat drills throughout the year.  During these drills, we have police on site to monitor our process and provide feedback.  Please know that we take the safety of your children very seriously and remain vigilant.

    In an effort to support your family, below are some resources you may find helpful when talking to your child about the recent events.


    With warm regard,
    Dr. Buchler