• Honoring the past to inspire the future

    The Mattawan Consolidated School’s Hall of Honor recognizes and celebrates the most outstanding accomplishments and contributions of our alumni and community members. By celebrating these fine individuals, present-day students are inspired to find identity with the past and establish goals for the future. The Hall of Honor reinforces a positive image of Mattawan Consolidated School, creating an increased sense of Wildcat pride among students, staff, alumni, and the community.

    In November of 2017, the Hall of Honor selection committee inducted the first 12 members. Now, in the third year, there are a total of 32 Hall of Honor members, each member selected based on one of three categories:

    • Contributions to Society (made a profound positive impact within society after graduating)
    • MCS Service (unselfishly contributing directly to programs and services at MCS)
    • Performance (excelled in athletics, arts, or academics)

    Hall of Honor 
    The Mattawan Consolidated School’s Hall of Honor was established in 2017 and now has 32 members. Each member has been inducted for their character, integrity, and having gone above and beyond in an exemplary manner in one of three categories:  Contributions to Society, MCS Service, or Performance.