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  • The Mattawan Consolidated School District has several Special Education programs in place to serve its students with disabilities.  We also coordinate services with Van Buren Intermediate School District (VBISD) to provide direct and indirect services to Mattawan students with low-incidence disabilities as well as those having more severe disabilities.  In addition, services to disabled children ages birth to kindergarten may be obtained through the Van Buren Intermediate School District.

    • The K-12 continuum of direct services and programs are as follows:
      Teacher Consultant Services
    • Resource Room Programs

    If you have specific questions regarding any of the special education programs, or for a copy of the Special Education Parent Handbook, please call the Office of Special Programs at 269.668.3361, Extension 1773.  Our fax number is 269.585.3048.


    Kimberly Porco, Director of Whole Child Services
    Phone: 269.668.3361 Extension 1772
    Email: Kim Porco

    Amy Wotring, Director of Special Education
    [Special Education Grades Y5-12, Supervision of Special Education Compliance, and VBISD Ancillary Staff and the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program]
    Phone: 269.668.3361 Extension 1774
    Email: Amy Wotring

    Laura Thornburg., Special Education Supervisor
    Phone: 269.668-3361 Extension 1776
    Email: Laura Thornburg

    Jennifer Ross-Klingel, Director of Curriculum
    Phone: 269.668.3361 Extension 1775
    Email: Jenny Ross-Klingel

    Diane Toner, Special Services Assistant
    Special Education paperwork: process and procedures, PSSP Support for Special Education, Assessment accommodations, and Medicaid Billing/Personal Care Management
    Phone: 269.668.3361 Extension 1773
    Email: Diane Toner