• Mattawan Consolidated School District is happy to provide services for any students that receive some or all of their formal education at home or through a home-school learning network. The following are the services we currently offer:

    • Home-schooled students are welcome to take any Mattawan Consolidated School District class or course offered, with the exception of one of the four core:  ELA, Math classes, Science classes. or Social Studies classes.Home-schooled students are welcome to take any online classes (other than core as mentioned above).
    • Home-schooled students may participate in our Michigan Virtual Cohort that has a brick and mortar space for help in any of the classes.
    • Home-schooled students may attend any field trip that is part of the non-core class(s) they are attending, as well as concerts. etc.
    • Home-schooled students may take dual enrollment classes at KVCC (following district criteria for classes).

    Please contact Special Programs for more information at 269.668.3361 Extension 1770