To deposit funds, please follow this link:  MealMagic Family Portal

    It is the responsibility of parents to provide for lunch for their children while at school.  However, it is important to provide that children receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day.  This procedure shall apply in the event that a child neither has a lunch nor the funds to purchase a lunch.

    An elementary student (Grades K – 5) may charge five (5) meals in succession, then alternative meals are provided until the balance is paid. An alternative meal consists of a cheese or peanut butter sandwich, fruit, and milk.  Prior to meal service, the student’s teacher will be given a note to let the student know they will be receiving an alternative lunch that day and to allow them to attempt to contact their parent one (1) more time.  This will eliminate any surprises on the child’s part and provide the parent with one (1) more opportunity to pay the student’s charge balance.  An elementary child will be sent to the front office for assistance after the eighth charge.

    A middle school student (Grades 6 – 8) may charge only one (1) meal at any time until their charges are paid.  There will be no charges allowed for high school students or for adults.  Disabled and handicapped students at all grade levels will continue to receive their school meals with no interruption while their parents are being contacted for payment.

    A student’s parents, teacher, and Principal will all be notified of the delinquency in the student’s account each time it is necessary for the student to charge a meal to give the parents time to send a check or cash to school with their child to give to the Food Service Clerk.

    Parents may also pay for school meals via the Internet through the District’s website via: MealMagic Family Portal.     At the discretion of each principal, a school or private service fund may be established to pay for student’s charged meals, rather than to offer the alternative meal.  The Nutrition Services Manager will work with each Principal to determine a payment schedule for these meals.

    Policy:  8500D