• Mattawan School Bus

    Our goal is to provide students living withing our district reliable transportation to and from school every day.  We are honored to provide this service to our school community.  While maintaining the highest safety standards, we continue to strive for efficiency by finding better ways to route our buses in order to reduce mileage and time.  As part of the services we provide transportation for a large number of academic and athletic  trips and perform many other behind the scenes functions for the district.


    The Mattawan Consolidated School has adopted an approved uniform hand signal for all students who may have to cross in front of the bus. At the beginning of each school year, students in grades K-5 are taught the proper way to safely cross in front of the bus. Parents are asked to please review the following procedures with their children before school begins.

    When students have to cross the roadway in front of the bus, they should:

    1. Exit the bus and always walk to the front of the bus.
    2. Be at least ten steps in front of the bus before starting to cross the roadway.
    3. Wait for the approved signal (if appropriate) from the driver before crossing.
    4. Stop at the traffic side of the bus and look left, right, and left to be sure it is safe to cross.
    5. If it is safe to cross, walk across the roadway. DO NOT RUN.



    1. Follow directions given by the bus driver
    2. Remain seated while the bus is moving
    3. Use a quiet, polite voice
    4. There must be complete silence at railroad tracks
    5. Keep hands, feet and all other objects to oneself
    6. Respect the rights of others
    7. Be on time
    8. Observe proper loading/unloading procedures
    9. Eating or drinking may not occur on the bus
    10. Animals or other similar creatures may not be transported on the bus
    11. Aisles and area surrounding the back door must be kept clear.
    12. All large objects such as backpacks, band instruments and other items must be held on the passenger’s lap.  There may be no “loose” items in vacant seats, etc.
    13. Knives, firearms and/or other items that could be classified as potential weapons are prohibited on the bus.
    14. Obey other applicable Student Handbook Rules.